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From AI/ML to UI/UX design, we've got a theme for everyone.

Leaders in Tech

Everything from current trends, new movements to shocking truths, hard issues and deep discussions on everything tech.

Women Who Launch

It aspires to support gender equal entrepreneurial ecosystems by empowering women to engage with entrepreneurship, whether as founders, funders or team members., with a commitment to increasing the number of women entrepreneurs starting high growth ventures

Future of Work

With new innovations in architecture and sensors, the way we work is changing. Company cultures and creative meeting spaces are adapting to employees. In turn, we will have to adapt as well. Join the Future of Work to stay ahead of the game.

Startup $ Growth

Pushing your tech startup to exponential growth requires insights into product, marketing and team dynamics that you can only learn from the experts that are behind the growth of the world’s most successful companies.


What’s the function of design in today’s world? How will we experience and express this in the future products and environments.

Product X

Building a product? There are so many variables in building a perfect product and all of these must come together for the launch.

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